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Organization Overview

Updated 2023-05-09

501C3 Nonprofit (Future, Not Yet Filed)

Develop and promote STEM learning experiences for all people of all ages.


Whatcom STEM is a newly forming nonprofit organization dedicated to improving STEM education, Career Connected Learning, Digital Literacy, and Digital Equity for all people of all ages.

STEM education is a powerful framework to promote curiosity and creativity, encourage a shared learning experience, and build tools to solve important life challenges.

We advocate STEM education through development and promotion of events, activities, and programs, including a community hub, community groups, and mentorship. We invite collaboration with community partners in shared purpose.


Community Function

In alignment with organization purpose, mission, and values, we will facilitate engagement with the community to:


Weekly Virtual Social Event (1 Hour)

Monthly Social Event (2 hours)

Monthly Community Service Event (2 hours)

Monthly Education Event (2 hours)


STEM Education

Career Connected Learning

Digital Equity

Digital Literacy

Community Engagement

Financial Support


Functions via Staff, Board, and Committees. Staff is vacant or volunteer until the organization receives funding. Board and Committee expansion is via invitation from the Board President upon unanimous Board approval.


To determine with established income.

Board Officers

Board Member Interests

Board Composition

The Board is to be composed of up to sixteen diverse individuals representing (1) science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, (2) education, (3) industry, (4) local government, and (5) community.

Board Terms

Board Members serve in a volunteer capacity indefinitely, until either resignation or dismissal. All official Board activity will be delivered in writing, including invitation, acceptance, resignation, and dismissal.

Board Officer Roles


Committees assist in creation and management of core organization tasks. Committees are designed to be led by a board member, and be composed of board members, (future) staff, and community members. Objectives are determined by agreement between the Board and each respective Committee. Input and participation from the community is incredibly important to ensure alignment of community interests.


Board Member Commitments

Activity Report

Board Meeting

Board Officer Commitments




Committee Commitments

Committee Chair

Committee Members

General Launch Process

Stage 1: ETC April 30

Stage 2: ETC May 31

Stage 3: ETC June 30

Stage 4: ETC July 31

Stage 5: ETC September 30

Stage 6: ETC October 31

Stage 7: Exit Launch Period

Expand Programs based on community interest